As I’m sure you are all aware, mental health has been a very hot topic in the news and the NHS recently.

I’m here today to write a blog just to notify you all a little bit about the basics of mental health and how we can all get involved to improve the quality of mental heath of those around us, in order to make a positive difference to the lives of those affected by mental health problems.

Being mentally healthy doesn’t mean you don’t have a mental health problem.

if in good mental health:

you are able to:

make the most of your potential

cope with life

play a full part in your family, workplace, community and friends

Mental health is our business, when everyone has times they feel down, afraid or anxious but sometimes they can develop into a more serious issue. There is a stigma to mental health, meaning people who are affected don’t talk about them as much, but it is good to know and say how you feel.

symptoms can be divided into neurotic or psychotic. Neurotic – severe forms of normal emotional experiences e.g. anxiety Psychotic – interfere with a persons perception of the real world e.g. hallucinations e.g. feeling or seeing things others can’t.

How to cope with mental health?

talk about your feelings. keep active. eat well. drink sensibly ( alcohol affects the body worse ) keep in touch e.g. face to face interactions with loved ones , friends etc. Take a break e.g. change of scenery. Do something you are good at. Accept who you are.


care for others.

being a friend is very important, being able to help each other wherever and whenever we can. caring for others is an important part of keeping a relationship with people close to you and it can help even bring you closer together than you ever were before.






17 JULY 2018

We visited a children’s orphanage in Kilinocchi, where the final part of the Sri Lankan Civil War took part. All these children had lost their parents in the war and had been deprived of family care and love.

Donating reading books, stationary and toys, as well as giving them our time – singing nursery rhymes in Tamil, and playing football with some of the boys was important to the children, and being able to put a smile on their face made me feel like we were making a positive impact on their lives, particularly in terms of their education and development.


15 JULY 2018

We visited a woman’s home , located in the outskirts of Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Having lost her husband in the civil war, living as a single mother with 3 kids, making a living was difficult for her. But one of her special talents was sewing pieces of clothing, so we donated to her a brand new, state of the art sewing machine in order for her to continue to sew garments and sell clothing to the public. This process will aid her in making a living and being able to care for her children and herself, being able to put meals on the table to enable her kids to grow and develop, which is vital to her.  I am very happy that we were able to aid in this process of development and we will continue to attempt to make a positive impact on the lives of those struggling in our native of Sri Lanka.

The Journey Begins

Hello, my name is Dillan Mownagurunathan

I am currently a student at Merchant Taylors’ Boys School

My goal is to study medicine and become a doctor, being more involved in peoples healthcare and taking a greater responsibility in helping make a positive impact on others’ lives.

Join me on my blog as I show you around the basis of my work experience and the things I have done so far in order to make that positive impact, whilst gaining a deeper insights into people of different cultures and backgrounds and how they have specific needs and wants.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton